what are stationery collections? 

These are pre-designed sets of event stationery - from the save the date through to invitations and on the day stationery. Kind of like a 'template', you choose the collection you like best and select which pieces you need for your event. They are more affordable and quicker than custom designs, but you are limited on what changes can be made.

do you do custom designs? 

Yes we do. It depends on our schedule as we can only take a limited number of custom jobs at one time, but if you're interested in exploring this further please get in touch.

what kind of printing options do you offer?

We can print in many ways. Digital printing (flat printing), Letterpress (debossed ink stamped into paper) and Foil Press (gold, silver, rose gold etc). We use a number of different paper stocks in various weights and colours, and we also print on acrylic.

How long will it take to get my order?

That all depends on what you've chosen, but as a guide allow between 6-12 weeks. This production timings sheet should give you a better idea. Once you enquire we will communicate more accurate timings to you. Please remember that our timings start from when you provide your text and other details, so if you're tight on time, then please get your guest list and invite text sorted ASAP.

what if I don't live in melbourne? 

That's OK, we work with clients interstate and overseas all the time. Just let us know when you enquire and we can include shipping costs in your quote. 

can I visit the studio to view samples? 

We love to meet new people and welcome you to visit our small studio. We are based in Abbotsford, and open by appointment only. Contact us to make a time. 

i want to see some samples, but i don't live in melbourne?

No problem, we have sample packs you can order online here. 


Can I change the colours of the collections? 

Yes, we offer colour changes at no extra charge (with the exception of illustrations). You can choose to print in a different colour ink, or use a different colour paper. Get in touch with us for more information. 

can i make changes to the collections? 

These are designed to be ordered as is, but we can make small changes if required. Design fees apply and will be quoted based on the changes.

i want to hire stands to go with my signage. how do I do this?

Our stands are all managed by The Small Things Co. Therefore, you'll need to contact them to place an order for the hire of stands. Please get in touch with us for any signage requirements. 
As our offices are nearby each other, we can arrange for all the items to be picked up from The Small Things Co, to save you making two trips.